Best Laptop for Students

Which Laptop to Choose?

Which laptop to buy for students is much the same as, which laptop to buy for any section of society, for silver surfers, for various businesses, for photographers, for game players, for young learners etc. What is required to select the right laptop is the knowledge to be able to understand the criteria, which is gobble-de-gook to many a novice, that is given with each make of laptop for sale.

As you are searching best laptops for college students 2017, I am assuming that you are probably a first time or novice buyer and giving very basic information as to its so easy to become so bogged down with all of the highly technical that confusion just shuts the brain down. If you wish to learn more, use the links that will take you to more in-depth reading.

The main criteria to understand regarding the laptop’s components is the memoryhard drive, processor and operating system, other things to consider are the battery life and perhaps reviews from those who have previously purchased the make of laptop you are considering to buy. The next criteria is the students chosen subject of study and to put into order the importance each of these components to the student or user.

TIP: Once these things are understood, to ease the arduous job of searching and comparing laptops, it is possibly a good idea to revert to pen and paper and write down the job of each component as a reminder.

The age-old adage buys the best you can afford comes to mind and remember to take into consideration the increase of workload as students courses progress.

Very basic explanations:

Memory (RAM) The higher the GB (gigabyte) the more memory/storage space, speed and performance.

Hard Drive Sometimes referred to as the Hard Disc stores all of your documents, files, music, games, everything is placed here, so the more you need to carry on your laptop the drive more space (GB) you require. As a guide, 1GB will accommodate approx 200 MP3 tracks.

Processor (CPU) The brain of the laptop, there are different processors for different needs, the most powerful, the better the graphics, particularly moving graphics such as for gaming, which needs a powerful processor.

Operating System Is the system software that operates a computer, Windows Vista, Pro, 7, etc.

Durability There are laptops that are built for those who need to carry and use them in un-formidable conditions but, they will be among the expensive and used for specialist professions. Generally laptops, although portable and built to be transported, they are made up of sensitive components and will not take kindly to being bounced about and roughly treated. Specifically designed carry cases and sleeves are relatively cheap and well worth considering. Also, if using a laptop for long periods of time they do tend to rather warm and the use of a laptop cooling pad, also relatively cheap, will help to prolong the life of a laptop.

Warranty Most new laptops come with a 1 year warranty, refurbished a 6 month warranty. Whether its worth taking out an extended warranty or not is somewhat of a lottery, it could save you money in the longer term, but hopefully it would not be used.

Insurance On the other hand, insurance and service policies may be worth considering if running longer and offering more than a warranty. First check to see if your household policy covers your laptop both at home and whilst out or if it can be added more cheaply than a separate policy.

What is the laptop business?

Laptop business is the best laptop designed for business users. Among the business, computers are divided into two segments, small business and professional business. Laptop small business for small businesses, with reasonable price and quality at medium range. Laptop professional business is a high-end business computer with a large investment budget. The cost of each professional laptop when shipped is around the US $ 1000 and the highest option can be up to $ 1400 – $ 1500.

At present, professional laptop business lines appear in the Vietnamese market. Especially the HP EliteBook 8460p, 2560p series, Dell Latitude E6420, E6320, Lenovo Thinkpad T420, X220 and began to appear many models of Ivy Bridge generation such as HP EliteBook 8470p, 8570p, Dell Latitude E6430, Lenovo Thinkpad T430 … Cause is that the machine is running out or near the end of the warranty period of 3 years from the manufacturer, which was liquidated by the business as it was fully depreciated. Thanks to that, now Vietnamese users have access to the professional business computer line at very cheap price.

Features of laptop professional business

Laptop professional business is often chosen for use in large enterprises, government agencies, and even the military. These organizations have very high requirements for security, stability, and Comfort in a professional working environment. The solutions that a laptop professional business offers are always better than the popular PC solutions. The most popular professional business computers today are the HP EliteBook P series, Dell Latitude, Lenovo Thinkpad T and X series, Toshiba Portege, Panasonic Toughbook …

The most important criteria of a laptop professional business include:

Durability and stability. This is the most important criteria for a laptop professional business. All models are extremely rigidly designed with high-grade alloy chassis, which can withstand high impact forces. The special steel hinge system allows all professional business computers to have a 180 degree viewing angle and is almost impossible to break when dropped or crushed.

For the HP Elitebook series, for example, many models have been tested to the US military standard MIL-STD-810 for hardness, temperature, vibration and dirt. According to the company, the HP Elitebook has over 95,000 test hours with 50,000 test steps working in temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius, 10 grams dust / m3 in a 32 km / h environment for 6 hours. . The HP Elitebook is also capable of withstanding a 2-meter drop without damaging it, which can withstand a touch of water on the keyboard, alloy surface waterproof and antioxidant.

The comfortable working environment in a professional environment.

Screen anti-glare: a mandatory feature for professional business laptops. All models are able to display well outdoors, minimizing glare when out in the sun.

High-quality keyboard: good keystroke, shallow, non-flex, water-resistant. Good keyboard surface is not worn, not blurred.

Security features: All models are equipped with a TPM data encryption chip, a 3-way shockproof sensor that protects hard drives from impact, fingerprint security options, and HP models. The Elitebook also features user privileges right from the bios.

Highly scalable

Laptop business is usually equipped with WWAN module with standby SIM slot available for the optional 3G card, mSATA port and a PCI-E expansion slot.

CPUs with virtualization support, high-end Wi-Fi cards for better reception, N (and later AC) standards, durable batteries, keyboard lights, etc. are some of the features. Other noteworthy of professional business lines.


The cheaper laptops suitable for entry-level students, novices and basic use such as office use, spread sheats, letters, essays etc; emails and internet browsing have less memory than the more powerful and expensive ones, usually about 2GB and not as much storage but certainly enough to start with. Go for at least 250GB of RAM/storage space if possible.

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