Best Laptops for Engineering Students

Choosing a desktop computer or laptop for the study is a matter of concern to many of today’s students. For technical students, it requires a highly stable, well-configured and Buffalo-based computer to perform relatively heavy tasks such as building, designing, simulating, programming, Movies, renderings … on Catia, NX, ProE, Ansys, Abaqus, Matlab, AI, PTS … or simply playing the game. On the other hand, it must be low cost, suitable for students, fluctuate about 8-15tr. Is there any machine that is delicious, nutritious, cheap, beautiful again?

First: Determine whether to buy the computer to play; to learn; Just play while learning; Or buy jewellery…

Thin, beautiful fashion machines will not meet the requirements for technical people. The design too thin to help heat dissipation is not good, frame structure creaked, expensive price. Machines are tools, do not keep like gold, afraid of failure without dare to use. Be sure the machine meets your learning needs in the next 3-4 years, not the current needs and not the need for gaming.

Second: Choose the right machine for the pocketbook and the needs of engineering students
New machine:

10-15tr will buy a midrange laptop, designed for students, office workers using light work, or lightweight design calculations, discontinuously, unable to meet heavy tasks, even Is to keep the machine running day by day. Do not hurry to look at the high configuration, because the middle and low end should not be able to fully exploit the performance of the chip, graphics card when built on components, technology, cheap materials, fast degrading. However, it can still last five years and may last longer. The advantage is that the new machine should be more secure, but the death rate after the expiration of the warranty is still available.

Secondhand laptop:

It must mention two lines of the extremely popular workstation is Dell Precision M **** and HP Elitebook **** W are being imported to Vietnam a lot. These are the two most advanced machines, professional design for technicians, optimized, using high technology for production, advanced materials, various options, the highest configuration in the machine. , Check the rigorous standards, thoroughly before shipment. Was born to carry out the work of graphics, computational simulation, programming … heavy in the long run serving engineers, technicians, military, government, projects … Configuration is No. 1 And durability is No. 2 only after the “concrete” machine line for the military. Of course, gaming is good.

In Vietnam, this machine is mainly used machines, used by the governments of developed countries, companies, projects … removed after about 3-4 years of use, and very rarely distributed machines New when the new purchase price is usually $ 2-3000. When the old machine back to Vietnam cost only 1 / 5- 1/10 initial price depending on the time used. Compared to new machines, performance can be doubled, but only half the price. The disadvantage is the old machine, so many people have to think about, but the high-end line, you choose to buy the right machine is absolutely assured.

Ask someone who has experience in using, selecting, testing counseling, help; Choose prestige stores. Remember one thing: Never have a machine that is delicious, nutritious, cheap, beautiful but new.

Third: Distribute the money to buy the machine, do not invest too excess to never use just because you do not know.

Balance the amount you have. Nobody has a billion but buy a Camry car, then no money to refuel, repair, tax … Take about 60-70% of the money you have, buy a suitable machine. The remaining money to use to study and develop yourself such as learning graphic software, simulation, programming, learning English … just enough to fully exploit the performance of the computer.

Balance the above factors and you will make a wise choice. Wish you have a good computer for the rest of your life and do not forget to keep it safe.

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