Do gaming laptops last longer than normal laptops?

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The lifespan of gaming laptops is something to be considered when you are looking to buy a new model. Because gaming laptops can be expensive and can’t be upgraded as easily as regular laptops, you need to ensure you get the best value for your budget. Also, do gaming laptops last longer than normal laptops?

Gaming laptops generally are more durable than regular laptops. Gaming laptops can last longer than normal working laptops. It is contingent on how you care for your laptop, the way they’re designed, as well as the kind of work they carry out.

In this article, you’ll learn how laptops can last for a longer time. Also, you will learn ways to increase the life of your laptop and also what influences the life of the laptop.

How Long Does a Gaming Laptop Last Compared to Normal Laptops?

Gaming laptops are typically made to last longer years than standard laptops. They have an interior that is designed to withstand extreme temperatures as well as keyboards that are designed to take on more force. The life expectancy of gaming laptops is likely to be more durable than an ordinary laptop if both are employed for challenging tasks.

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How Long Do Gaming Laptops Normally Last?

Gaming laptops generally can last around three years. If you take good care of their laptops are likely to see them last a minimum of five years.

Certain components, like the GPU and CPU, may become obsolete in four years, and other components, like the fans and battery, may need to be replaced.

Gaming laptops generally provide a superior degree of durability and it’s not unusual that they last for 10 years. There is no need to part with your gaming laptop simply because the main components, like the CPU and GPU, are old.

You may have to play games that are demanding with lower levels or your laptop isn’t capable of handling them when it’s equipped with obsolete components.

This result is because developers constantly use new technologies to improve the gaming experience of gamers. For instance, in the gaming sector, VR gaming always makes use of the latest technology. VR headsets can’t be powered by laptops that were made available before their introduction. This means that older laptops can’t play VR games like Elite Dangerous.

However, if you possess a laptop that can meet the minimum requirements required by each game, you can play more recent or lesser demanding games on it.

But you’ll be able to surf the internet while sending emails, as well as watching online videos. If gaming laptops are outdated and incompatible with the latest games, gamers often convert them into laptops for everyday use.

What Determines Gaming Laptops Lifespan?

Each electronic device, even laptops, will eventually fail. Some parts have a longer lifespan as compared to others. Is there a reason for this? The following factors influence the life span of laptops.

Hardware Quality

As with smartphones, laptops have different hardware specifications and how they are constructed differs from one manufacturer to the next.

Based on the quality of the equipment you begin with, will influence the lifespan of your gaming laptop. A top gaming laptop has an efficient processor, graphics card, a top chassis, and a superb cooling system.

It is possible to upgrade the components that make up your laptop for gaming, however, you must ensure the components work with the motherboard and with each other. It is the Dell Alienware 51M that is among the few gaming laptops that you can upgrade your PC and CPU. So, you must concentrate on the performance of your hardware to extend the life span of this gaming notebook.

The Central Processing Unit

Computer processors, also known as CPUs are the heart that runs the device. Based on the software that runs on the laptop and the rest equipment is managed by it.

When playing games with your laptop gaming the processor will initially process input from your mouse or keyboard and then transfer graphic data to the GPU to render.

The processing of data becomes more efficient and quicker as technology improves. Intel Core i9 processors, for instance, typically are faster than Intel Core i5 processors.

Call of Duty, for example, features an i5 processor as the minimum configuration. They may require i7 processors in the subsequent sequels, but. As games evolve their assets and features are more complex and require the use of a faster processor to provide seamless gameplay.

If you’re looking to secure your investment for the future it is recommended to purchase the laptop with an Intel Core i9 processor or an i7, not an i5. While the i5 part is less expensive but it will become outdated much more quickly.

Graphics Card

You can see images on your monitor because of the GPU. AMD and Nvidia are the two leading GPU makers. GPUs are getting more powerful each year, as technology improves.

Ray-tracing, as well as DLSS technologies, are great examples of these advancements. Shadows and reflections can be rendered extremely realistically by ray tracing since the method mimics the way light behaves in real life.

In addition, the frame rate of games that are graphically focused and made with artificial intelligence. Most of the Nvidia cards like RTX 20 series graphics cards have these technologies, however, they’re designed to be compatible with them.

The new driver is available and must be installed for your GPU to enable the ray tracing. If you’re using an RTX 20 GPU, you’ll experience an enormous framerate drop once the new functions are activated.

Furthermore, older GPU models are obsolete and do not support the latest technologies like Ray-tracing. If GTX 10 and 16 series GPUs get obsolete over the next couple of months, RTX 20 series GPUs are anticipated to gain more popularity.

Thus, you’re better off purchasing gaming laptops with an upgraded GPU, since you’ll probably be able to benefit from graphics-related functions later.

How to Improve the Gaming Laptop Lifespan?

Use the below methods to increase the longevity that your laptop will last.

Choose Best Hardware

If you’re planning to purchase a top-of-the-line, mid-range, or even a budget laptop for gaming, your budget will determine what you can spend. A laptop that is priced low has an older style and tends to get outdated fast, which is why you should stay clear of it.

The need for more storage and RAM when you purchase gaming laptops is not a good idea. Then, you’ll be able to upgrade your RAM.

For more information on the cooling and quality of a laptop, read the specifications on the internet. It’s not good to see a lot of users complain about the possibility of overheating in their reviews which is why you should steer clear of these laptops.

Additionally, you can connect an external keyboard and mouse to your laptop to enhance the performance of your laptop. Gaming on a PC requires keyboard and mouse inputs, so you should try using an external mouse for better results.

Clean Your Laptop

It is suggested that you clean the laptop’s interior approximately every six months, especially if you reside in an area with a lot of dust or travel often. There’s a finite amount of space inside the laptop’s interior. This could cause dust particles and dust to gather in the vents, fan as well as motherboard parts.

In the end, airflow is limited, and overheating can be a possibility. Make sure you read the instructions on the warranty before cleaning your laptop. Sometimes opening a laptop can invalidate the warranty. Make sure to shuts down your laptops and unplug the power supply before cleaning or dusting. To stop the fans from spinning when they are being cleaned by compressed air, you must hold the fans so they do not spin. If you don’t do this, you could cause damage to the fan. It is best to seek out the help of a professional if you don’t have the technical expertise to disassemble the laptop.

Be sure to keep food away from Laptop

Water and electricity shouldn’t be combined. Therefore, you must keep food and drinks away from your laptop to avoid the damage caused by spills of liquid.

There are areas on your SSD or hard drive that are fragile, so should you spill water onto them, it could cause data loss, as well as damage to your laptop.

Keep Laptop Updated

You can stop the laptop’s temperature from getting too hot by making sure you keep your operating system as well as other software up-to-date. So, it is essential to refresh the operating system on your laptop, as well as the software installed that you install on your laptop.

In addition, you could change the thermal paste in the laptop to ensure it is running at a high speed. When you make sure that the thermal paste is in contact with the heat source, the thermal paste helps keep the computer’s processor in good shape and the graphic card cool.

Most of the time thermal paste isn’t applied enough or not replaced after a few years, which can lead to excessive heat and throttling. The laptop’s lifespan will be longer when changing it every couple of years.

Keep the Laptop on a Hard Surface

The vents at the lower part of laptops are usually utilized for air intake. Air vents can be blocked when you place your laptop on a rough surface.

You might want to consider purchasing an adjustable lap desk that you can carry around or place the laptop in a pad of cooling when you have to work in your bed. The flat surface lets air get into your laptop, and it helps keep it cool. The cooling of your laptop will increase its longevity and avoid overheating.

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What Are the Battery Life and Battery Timing of Gaming Laptops?

A laptop’s gaming battery could last as long as two years before it has to be replaced. The lithium-ion battery inside laptops is designed to store the charge for a specific amount of cycles, following which the battery starts to deplete its capacity. In addition, many people need to know about the battery life span of the laptop before buying. The life span of batteries in gaming laptops can vary from two to three hours dependent upon the type of game. The battery can be used on laptops for up to 8 hours when performing simple tasks. Laptops for gaming must be powered by a power source to maximize performance.


I hope you get an answer to your most suspenseful question” do gaming laptops last longer than normal laptops. Gaming laptops can last for longer than standard laptops, however, there are many aspects that determine the length of their life. This article has provided you with the knowledge to determine the best option to purchase gaming laptops!

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