How To Find Out Your Laptop Screen Size Without Measuring?

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From purchasing a brand fresh laptop to knowing the right Laptop Screen Size there are a variety of situations that a user might ask, “how to know the size of the laptop’s screen without taking measurements.” If you’re looking to reach technical support regarding your screen, or even check the size of your screen against another one, it’s important to know what your laptop screen size is.

If you’re in the market to repair or replace the screen on your laptop or purchase a case to protect your laptop you’ve probably been wondering the size of the screen. It’s possible that you didn’t know the dimensions, and you may not have a ruler or any other measuring device.

Many kinds of measurements can be used for computers screens. Therefore, the size depends on the requirement. The size of the body pixels for every square inch verifies the dimensions you require. To measure the physical size of the screen, remember that you must avoid the plastic bezel surrounding the screen, and instead take measurements of the screen’s area.

However, this may not necessarily mean that you don’t need a measurement to use. Like bags or laptop cases or screen protectors that could be used on top of the laptop’s screen. In addition, unless stated otherwise the screen’s dimensions must measure from one side to the next.

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How to know the screen size of a laptop without measuring?

In this instance, we will also discuss other sources to determine the dimensions of your laptop’s screen.

1.) Find the Model Number

Every laptop has the model number of their particular laptop. It is possible to use the model number to find the laptop’s specific details, such as the size of the screen.

For instance, the Acer laptop model S291HL features a screen at 20 inches. The screen’s size right away by the number “20,” which came following “S”. Typically, laptop model numbers begin by putting one or two characters preceding “one. The number after the first few letters typically indicates the dimension of the display.

2.) Utilizing Your laptop’s model Specifications

A simple method of taking measurements of the laptop screen size is to look up the specifications of your laptop model. The specifications are on the casing that you bought or can be found in its user’s manual, or you can look through the cover located at the bottom of your laptop look it up. Find out if they are there. Specifications: Specify the screen’s size or at the very least the model number.

A quick search must be conducted in the settings of your computer for model details if you’re unable to access the laptop’s package or features that are server-based. The size of the screen can typically be located within the Display Settings folder, under Laptop Features. If not, check to open the tab Advanced Display Settings. If you are unsure of the meaning behind them, make sure you adjust them.

In some instances, the search might reflect the features of the model, not screen size. Utilize your model’s model number when you find online the size of your screen. If it’s normal, however, it might not be 100% accurate. There is a website specifically designed for the number of items your creations and can inquire with their customer service for the dimensions.

Step 1: Open the window “Setting.” Then click on the icon that is named “System.”

Step 1

Step 2: Once you have clicked “System,” after you click “System,” the below window will appear and you must click on “Advanced Display Settings.”

Step 2

3.) Download software or go online to check it out

The majority of software for PCs provides information about the laptop you are using. Sometimes, they provide the screen size as well as other display characteristics. Another way to speedy look up at the display on the internet.

It displays a credit card that you need to alter to match its actual dimensions. After it is working, it will give users an idea of the laptop’s display. You can check your laptop screen size on here.

4.) Search for the Laptop online

To accomplish this, you’ll need to be aware of which laptop’s brand name, or the model number. The model number is on one of the hatches that are located on the bottom of the panel.

When you have found this information, you can enter the information into Google Search, the manufacturer’s website, or the location where you bought the laptop. Click to see the search results which correspond to the most favorable. The result will provide the specs of the laptop’s display as well as other hardware details.

5.) Read the Manual of Laptop

To make sure the screen is of the correct size, take measurements using a tape measure Open the manual for your laptop and locate the specifications for your screen. The manual will give you an accurate measurement of the laptop’s screen.

6.) Looking at the backside of the laptop

Rotate the back of your laptop, and search for labels with laptop models, as well as other great laptop features. This also includes the dimensions of the display.

Additionally, on certain laptops, the screen’s dimensions are identified by a number located in the upper right-hand corner. For instance, the H243HX indicates the screen’s size of 24 inches.

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Other aspects to take into consideration for how to check the screen size of a laptop

Alongside the screen’s size, there are other factors you should take into consideration.

Resolution of the screen

Screen resolution is the term used to describe the number of pixels that are in an area of the display. The majority of laptops have resolutions of 1920 x 1080 pixels however, the lower-end models have 1024 x 720 resolutions. To make the word more palatable and natural many manufacturers cut the term in the form of FHD (Full HD), 1440, FHD (Full Definition) 1440 or 4K, and so on.

The basic idea behind the screen’s resolution is that if the price is higher but the display will be faster. It is essential to purchase a laptop that has a high-quality screen resolution so that you can be able to fully immerse yourself in the lively bright display and more detail.

Certain laptops have an all-four-K resolution. But they have a higher cost. A 1080p screen resolution is sufficient for the majority of laptops even if graphics are extremely graphic.

Contrasts Ratio

Another factor to be looking for is the aspect ratio of your display. There are differences in the light of bright colors as opposed to the darkest shade. Displays that have higher contrast ratios typically result in more precise colors.


The brightness of a screen is one of the primary factors for the world’s customers. As with smartphones and other mobile devices Laptops are also expected to have high-quality screens that accurately display the screen despite the high-intensity sunlight.

Nit is a measurement unit used to determine the level of brightness of an LCD. A laptop with a high rating for night signifies a bright display. These days, laptops typically come with a brightness between 200 and 300 nits. If the laptop has more than 300 nits bright, it’s far superior to the average rating. The Mac is usually the best in providing high-quality displays. Their latest release features screens that are capable of reaching 580 nits.

White and black accuracy

Another way to measure screen quality is the way it shows an unlit black surface. This feature is somewhat similar to the contrast ratio. But it is more concerned with what the display will show in black. A number is what measures it. The lower the number, the better. The better the black-colored representation of the surface, the better the screen will show the black color in the direction of.

In addition, white levels are assessed. A greater value is the more accurate depiction of the white. A value of 255 represents the highest value within the RGB scale. When this value is reached, the display will show accurate white color.

Refresh Rates

There are several aspects that you must take into consideration to consider, such as those of SRGB Graph, HDR, and more. But we’ll only insist on the importance of understanding the refresh rates of screens. The term “refresh rate” refers to the term used to describe the speed of the display’s ability to alter the image. The measurement is in Hz. The average refresh rate for laptops is 60 Hz and up to 144 Hz. This is crucial for gamers.

A higher rate of refresh results in more enjoyable gameplay and fewer crashes. This means you won’t need to be concerned about frequent interruptions or delays when your video card is optimally, particularly in games that require graphics.


I hope you will get an answer about how to find out your laptop screen size without measuring. It will take only some minutes to measure the laptop’s screen. Once you’ve learned how to determine the size of the screen of a laptop, without measuring, we strongly suggest recording it to ensure that you don’t need to measure the laptop again.

If you’re not doing anything ensure that the resolution of your screen is at the minimum of 1080 x 1920. Consider whether you would like to be able to touch the screen and then think about whether the screen is of good quality or has a bright screen. Make sure you consider the speed of response and refresh rates If you’re an avid gamer.

If you aren’t convinced, comment below and we’ll try our best to assist you.


Q. How can I determine the laptop screen size?

You can determine the size of your screen with an instrument that measures starting from the upper left corner of your screen from the lower right-hand corner. You can also check your device’s specs via the internet or within the settings panel to find out the size of your laptop’s screen.

Q. How to check the screen size of laptop windows 10?

An operating system like Windows 10, Mac Os, or Linux doesn’t matter for measuring screen size. The above method we told is implemented for all kinds of laptops.

Q. What is the typical size of the screen on a laptop?

However, the display’s dimensions are slightly more durable and laptops typically have between 15-inch and 17-inch screens. Small laptops vary between 11 inches and 14 inches. However, the display size isn’t always easy to determine.

Q. How much is 14 inch laptop dimensions length and width?

The answer is 14- inch laptops are available in a different dimension. Some laptops come with 12.76 x 8.86 x 0.71 inches and some come with 13.27 x 8.9 x 0.7 inches normally it depends on how the screen looks good and worthy.

Q. How can you determine the size of the privacy of laptop screens?

It is essential to take the proper measurements of your monitor screen to ensure that the screen is properly sized by the computer filter. To find out the size of the filter:

1) Make a random measurement, starting in a random direction from one side to the other diagonal corner.
2) Take only the viewing screen area.
3) Don’t include template or screen frame dimensions

Q. How to find laptop screen size in inches?

Tablets and laptops come in different sizes of screens. Screen size is measured as the inches (“) or centimeters (cm) 1 inch (also known as 1”) is equivalent to 2,54cm. If you’re unsure of your tablet or laptop’s size, you can measure the size of your laptop or tablet. Be sure to also take measurements of the edges around the screen!

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