How to Prevent Laptop Hinges From Breaking

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Laptops are not the only device to malfunction due to electronic components. Display brackets, hinges for laptops, and other housing components that are subject to constant stress are prone to deterioration over time. It is necessary to replace a hinge when it is not able to be adjusted or broken.

It is crucial to understand how to prevent laptop hinges from breaking. Apart from that The most frequently cited reason hinges fail is that the user dropped the laptop when opening it. A third reason that could cause it is fatigue from the material. However, the average consumer is more likely to damage their laptop’s hinges than to save them.

If the display wire that is exposed could be damaged because the laptop hinge is damaged. The broken hinges maybe lead you to Distinctive colors, Wavy rays, etc. Don’t forget to look out for hinges on your laptop (distinct color, dark line, etc.). This is why you should be cautious and avoid experiencing your laptop’s hinges failing. In the event of a broken hinge, a replacement must be done immediately.

If the hinge of your laptop fails the hinge will render your Laptop in a state of complete oblivion. The hinges on your laptop are damaged if the monitor isn’t able to remain open, and the lid seems to be loose. You can prolong your laptop’s lifespan by replacing a damaged hinge. This will not cost you anything additional. To stop hinges on laptops from breaking, how to prevent laptop hinges from breaking?

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Are you thinking about how to stop Laptop Hinges from breaking?

1. Always Use a Laptop Bag

To avoid accidental falls or impacts on your laptop device, you should use a computer bag. Think about a laptop sleeve for your laptop when you are planning to carry a different bag like a book bag. A sleeve doesn’t offer the same protection as a bag, however, it will also shield you from damage and scratches.

2. Keep Your Laptop At a Cool Temperature:

If your laptop is subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations the laptop could be subject to grave damage. In the hard drive, the platters made of metal can expand and shrink quickly. The platters may break, resulting in partial, or even total loss of data currently being used. Temperature fluctuations could cause condensation inside the Laptop and result in a reduction in the life span of internal hardware.

3. Avoid To Keep Your Laptop In-Car:

To prevent the theft of your Laptop stolen, do not keep it in your vehicle. If you lose your Laptop in your vehicle expose it to extreme heat which may cause further damage already caused. The idea of putting a laptop in your car is tempting, and even inside the laptop bag.

4. Use a Bag Of Appropriate Size:

Consider your bag carefully and make sure that it can hold your laptop, yet not shift when you’re using it. The power adapter as well as other laptop accessories must be kept in a bag to avoid the laptop from being damaged when it is being transported.

5. Avoid Inexpensive And Bad Quality Laptops:

Before we can come up with an answer for laptop hinge problems first, we must find out what causes them to break. The build quality is poor for a majority of cheap laptops and computers that are used for casual use. It’s a problem that often occurs with laptops. hinges typically fail after a year or so of use. Moving around on the desk could result in a device that is not authorized moving to a different place which is why we advise placing the laptop on an office desk and not shifting it around. If you take the Laptop to school, or the office, you could be at risk of damaging its hinge.

6. Close Your Laptop Accurately:

It is common to see students on campuses at universities carrying their laptops because they’re in a hurry. Sometimes, while working on their computer they’ll leave their supplies between their keyboard and their screen and place the lid over. Damage to the hinge is among the main reasons for this type of problem. The replacement of a laptop can be time-consuming and costly. It is not recommended to shut the lid in a hurry. Making sure there’s nothing between them is an excellent idea.

7. Make sure you keep your hands off the Cord Once It’s In the Plug:

If you do happen to pick the cable up you might cause damage to the socket, cord as well as the plug. Instead, you should reach into the authentic power outlet and pull the cord off. To avoid further harm to the power cord make sure you do not troll your chair on it.

8. Close the Lid with Both Hands:

Most of these lower-end laptops are designed to last for as long as the market believes they are likely to change. A slight error can cause catastrophic harm, for example, a damaged hinge.

A long-term investment in a company plan can be costly however it will save you tons of money in the longer term.

9. Take Care of Your Laptop:

The proper way to carry your laptop is one of the major reasons people break or break laptop hinges. If you need to move then you must shut your Laptop and then put it in the bag. In the future, you can move wherever you want to go.

The screen is put under a lot of stress the hinges on the screen when users transport their laptops while they hold the screen. As time passes the hinges begin to become worn out and then fail. Anyone who finds themselves in these types of circumstances should consider purchasing a larger laptop. It’s virtually impossible to deal with heavy models without care.

10. Avoid Carrying a Laptop While Travelling:

Whatever frequency you take public transportation or use your laptop, it will get worn out. Make sure you have a backpack that protects your computer while you travel to work or school. Be prepared to be ready for people who knock on your bag while traveling on public transportation. This can put pressure on your Laptop and could result in the hinges failing. The best solution is to keep your laptop at home if you are unable to stay clear of it.

If you want to ensure that your belongings are safe and be sure that you never leave your notebook in your home. If you’re worried about the possibility of your notebook being stolen, leave it at home during times of high activity. You can pick something lightweight and sturdy or go for something portable and adaptable. For example, the MacBook Air would be an ideal option!

11. Avoid Carrying It by the Top:

It’s like holding an elephant with its tail while standing on the teeter-totter. The lower portion of your notebook is typically heavier than your screen. To stop the hinges on your notebook from breaking Do not carry your Laptop in the case of the lid.

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How To Repair The Broken Hinges Of Laptop?

Repairing a broken hinge for your laptop using a variety of methods will make your laptop a portable state. After you’ve paid for the new laptop, you can be sure to avoid costly costs by fixing a broken or damaged hinge.

Other than MACS, all laptops have their hardware components. Based on the model of your laptop you will have the option of choosing one of the options to repair your laptop computer in case it has damaged hinges.

If hinges that are damaged can be repaired hinges, then you should be able to ask how to prevent laptop hinges from breaking. The information in this article is general and applies to laptops of all types. However, you should take a look at the repair/service manual of your manufacturer.

Repair a Damaged Laptop Hinge

How to Prevent Laptop Hinges From Breaking

What happens if you’re too late and your hinge is already failed? It is usually fixable, however, it is contingent on the laptop’s model and whether replacement parts.

It’s a good thing that the hinges of your laptop start to feel loose, but haven’t yet snapped. Most of the time, only a small amount of adhesive is needed to fix the hinges of the metal to the body of the laptop.

Unplug your laptop’s power source and batteries. Also, disconnect the laptop’s hard drive and memory sticks.

Remove the screws from the bottom of your laptop’s keyboard. Certain laptops do not have a keyboard. Make sure to thoroughly inspect your laptop.

Take out all screws from your laptop’s sides and bottom whenever you are unsure. Organize your screws by making an easy diagram that will facilitate the reassembly.

Simply pull and remove the bezel on the keyboard with the flat screwdriver found on many laptops. The bezel is located just above the keyboard. Remove the keyboard and disconnect the power supply to the motherboard.

If you are able, take off the hinge covers and connect the LCD to the motherboard.

Find and remove any screws that hold the display to the base of the laptop. Take the screen off the base of the laptop with a gentle pull-off.

Take off all screws that hold the two display connector components together. Remove the front bezel from the LCD with your fingers.

Remove the cover from an LCD monitor. Video cables are typically utilized to link the LCD to the screen. When connecting the LCD screen to it, disconnect your video cable.

Take off any screws that hold to the hinge of your display.

In reverse order of the previous steps to assemble your laptop.

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FAQs – How to Prevent Laptop Hinges From Breaking?

Are Laptop Hinges Durable?

The endurance of laptops is crucial. ThinkPads are renowned for their tough, durable laptops that can be described as a business. Anyone who’s ever used a laptop that has a wobbly hinge can attest to the difficulties it has to using the device.

What is the cost of fixing the hinge?

A basic laptop hinge repair can cost anywhere from $50-$80. However, this cost could be as high as $200 when the repair requires the replacement of other components such as the screen’s front or the front’s bezel. The technician might need to put in custom brackets to fix the hinge, in certain cases.

Can a Broken Hinge on an HP Laptop Be Repaired?

Everything is fixable with the right cash. But, based on the extent that the damages are severe, you’ll require a brand-new screen bezel along with new hinges and a new top shelter as well as the base. The cost of these components is higher than the laptop itself.


I am hoping that after reading this article, you’ll know how to stop laptop hinges from being damaged. Hinges are among the most susceptible parts of laptops. If they’re not taken care of properly, they could break. Laptop hinges that are damaged could make your laptop unusable which can cause severe uncomfortableness and irritation.

Removing hinges takes a lot of skill and effort. If the LCD mount becomes damaged the work becomes more challenging. In addition, the warranty of the manufacturer doesn’t cover laptop hinges.

It is recommended to take care of your laptop’s hinges so that they are not getting damaged correctly. This article provides several ways to secure the hinges of your laptop. Make sure you open and close your laptop, and be careful not to put the hinges with too much force. Furthermore, you should invest in a sturdy laptop backpack in case you regularly take your laptop on trips.

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