The comprehensive guide to How to Remove the Battery from Acer Laptop?

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Acer is a well-known brand known for its stylish designs and professional working capabilities. They make everything from ultra-light laptops to heavy gaming laptops.

Does your laptop’s battery have enough power for it to run for a whole day? If not then you’re not alone. Laptops are bought for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons is mobility. Laptops are fantastic because they provide all the features of a desktop, but you can bring them along with you.

Although this may be all nice and good, it means that you’re carrying the source of power along. What happens if the battery is dead? Have you got an additional battery? These are the most important concerns to consider when purchasing laptops.

The internal batteries of most new Acer notebook computers are not able to be removed without taking the computer apart. This could be a difficult experience for people who wish to replace their batteries or for those looking to recycle their batteries. This article will show you how to take the battery off of the Acer notebook laptop.

In the article that follows we’re going to talk about the different Acer models and the best way to remove the battery from the Acer Laptop. We’ll try to cover each model individually to help you understand the process.

How To Remove The Battery From Acer Laptop Series?

Acer is among the top makers of the personal computer. It has a variety of laptops that run through Windows 10 and Windows 11 and have 8th-generation Intel Core processors, all within a set that starts at $900.

Acer launched its Acer Aspire range in the year 2004 to coincide with the launch of its brand new Aspire brand. It was launched in 2004 as part of the launch of its new Aspire brand. Aspire range is a range of laptops with a budget that is produced through Acer Inc. The Aspire series was launched in 2017 and features four primary models. While it has some similarities to Aspire E series, despite having similarities with Aspire E series, in several areas the Aspire Series is available along with the E laptops.

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Types Of Batteries In Acer Laptops:

Two types of batteries are present in Acer laptops. We will look at the two types of batteries in depth.

Internal batteries

The batteries are connected to the board directly via cables or strips. The batteries are placed inside the laptop’s body. They are not removable without opening the covers on the laptop. These batteries typically last longer than external ones. They are commonly employed in slim laptops.

External Batteries

External batteries can be detachable. They can be removed easily by taking just a few locks from the outside. They are simple to replace and are easy to install. Because they are easy to replace external batteries are short-lived batteries. Certain brands such as Acer are also making durable external batteries as well.

How To Remove The internal Battery from Acer Laptop: Step By Step Guide

In this guide, we’ll show you how to change the battery on your Acer Aspire as well as any Acer laptop with an internal battery. This guideline can be followed when your battery isn’t charging or isn’t keeping a charge. We’ll also teach you how to remove your old battery.

I will share with you the most typical steps to follow that are similar to the majority of models of Acer laptops.

Remove the Screws

Remove the bolts that are on the bottom of your laptop.

Then slide your DVD Rom (if there is one) out from the laptop frame after unbolting all the back bolts.

Unscrew the bolts, which are located beneath the DVD ROM.

Detach the Laptop’s Back Cover

To take off the laptop’s back cover employ the Slim spatula and then insert it into the line that is located at the bottom of the laptop’s touchpad.

Then slide the spatula along all sides of the cover to release the cover on the back.

Be careful not to take the cover off too fast because some wires are still connected to the cover’s back.

Find the wires that are attached and then carefully remove them from the motherboard.

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Replace the battery

The battery is located close to the laptop’s hinges.

Remove the battery’s wires from the motherboard, and then carefully remove the battery.

Set the new battery in the same place and then connect the wires.

The battery should be placed in the area of the battery and use double-sided tape over the battery in place if needed.


Then, place the cover in a careful place after connecting the batteries.

Make sure to connect the motherboard’s wires which are attached to the cover on the back.

After you have placed the cover in place, press it gently until it produces a click sound. Then, the cover locks are adjustable to fit your laptop’s frame.

All bolts should be tightened in accordance with their position. Similar to the DVD bolts, the bolts will be put in first to slide the DVDROM first.

Battery test

To begin, connect your charger. If your laptop indicates that your battery is charged, then you’ve successfully connected the battery.

After 5-10 minutes, take the charger’s plug off the wire and the laptop shuts off. there’s something do not have.

It is possible to test various apps for battery testing and charging to check the battery’s performance.

How To Remove the Battery from The Acer Laptop Acer Swift 3?

Steps 1 and 2 are the same as the unscrew technique that we talked about earlier.

There are hidden screws underneath the rubber feet on the computer. Remove them all with care.

Replace the battery

Then, remove the cover slowly. There are no wires in the Acer Swift 3.

Unscrew the bolts on the battery and then disconnect the battery wire from your motherboard.

Replace the battery using a fresh one. Cover the lid of the back again and screw it as you took them off in order.

The other Acer series come with the same procedure to remove and change their batteries. The models are Acer Aspire, AcerR7, Acer Aspire E5, Acer Aspire V5, Acer Aspire ES1-572, Acer R7, and many more Acer series laptops.

Certain models use a slightly different design than the ones with speakers that are attached to their back covers some notebooks that flap and others with DVD ROMs connected.

How do I take the external battery from a notebook?

Switch off your device, and then disconnect your power cord.

Remove the two screws that secure the front from the box.

Locate your motherboard and look it over. This CMOS battery will sit placed in the same place as a watch battery, however, it’s difficult to get rid of because it’s located in the motherboard and much bigger.

Gently pull the battery-free with your fingers, as shown here.

Here is the bonus for you.

How do you remove the Battery from the Apple Laptop?

Please switch off the Apple Book & And unplug all wires.

  • Shut the cover of the computer.
  • After that, flip your Apple Book upside down.
  • Find the unlocked slot on the right-hand side of your laptop.
  • You can turn it into it to allow it to unlock.
  • Press the grey button, and 4 or 5 light bulbs will be lit.
  • Rearrange the Battery and slide the card in.

Important Factors That Affect The Battery Cost

Different laptop brands come with different laptop models or series. Each laptop model comes with its type of battery. It is impossible to change that kind of battery since they are distinct in shape, size, and so on. We will now examine some of the key factors that affect the cost of batteries.

Laptop Brand The brand is the most important element in the cost of the battery. Brands with a good reputation like Apple and Acer are able to offer high replacement costs compared to other brands.

Type of battery: The type of battery is also a major factor in price. If you have a 6-cell battery, it’s less expensive than 8 cells. mAh is another kind of factor. Batteries that have higher mAh, like 3000 or 4000 can cost more than the average battery.

Watts and Voltage It is the power consumed by laptops. The greater the voltage that a battery is producing, the more beneficial it will be for the laptop to operate. So the battery’s voltage is a cost-effective factor.

Watt-hours represent the total amount consumed in an hour. It also determines the battery’s timing. A laptop with a large capacity may require a powerful battery, and consequently, its cost for batteries will be higher than that of the battery with low wattage.

How To Remove The diagnosed Battery from An Acer Laptop?

A damaged or defective battery may exhibit different signs. If your battery displays any of the symptoms listed above, then you must replace it.

Failure to take charge

If you’re constantly changing your battery, but it isn’t showing any sign of progress. This means that the cells of the battery are dying. It is imperative to change the battery as soon as possible before it affects your laptop.

Consumption of fast batteries

If your laptop is using all of the battery in 20 or less than five minutes, then the battery cells are about to fail. Certain battery cells cannot be replaced, which means you need to replace the entire battery.

The battery can overheat.

If your battery keeps showing high temperatures or becomes overheated while charging. This indicates serious health issues with your battery. It is imperative to replace the battery because it could ruin your laptop completely when it explodes due to excessive heat.


How do I replace the battery in the battery of my Acer Aspire V5 laptop?

The procedure is the same for all kinds of Acer laptops. You must remove the bolts that hold the back cover cautiously. Remove the DVD drive and take off the back part of the laptop. Then, remove the battery inside. Then, take off the battery’s wiring that is linked to the circuit board. Then, replace the battery with a fresh one.

Do all laptops come with removable batteries?

The majority of laptops have replaceable or removable batteries. However, if you look at the small ones. They also do not have removable batteries because of their size. The difference lies in its location. It doesn’t matter if the battery is either external or internal. External batteries are simple to remove, whereas internal batteries need to remove from the laptop’s back cover to swap or remove the battery fitted inside.

How do I take the battery off the battery of my Acer Aspire E 15 laptop?

Acer E 15 has an external battery. It can be removed easily by removing it externally. Simply slide the battery lock and then safely remove the battery. This does not require any back removal technique.

Can I boot up my laptop with no battery?

There are a few tricks you can use to get your laptop started if you don’t have a battery. However, these strategies are dangerous for laptops. Sometimes, you can utilize the battery from your old one as a complete circuit, and then connect the charger to the power source that is always on. As for other methods, it is possible to short the battery connections, and then get the energy directly from the charger.

Can Acer laptop be run without a battery?

It is possible to run every laptop you want, however, it’s not recommended because it is risky. A majority of Acer laptops are equipped with internal batteries. It’s difficult to get rid of the battery. Therefore, you should try to connect the charger to will supply the continuous energy required to power the laptop.

What can I do to determine whether my laptop requires an upgrade in battery?

There are numerous indicators that a battery could be displaying. The signs could include the battery overheating, not charging or draining the power quickly or no response to the laptop battery, and so on. These are all indications that you should replace the laptop’s battery right away.

The Bottom Line

It’s not difficult to know how to remove a battery from an Acer laptop but in the case of the internal battery, you need to practice first and then try to change your battery because it’s risky. We have discussed how to remove battery.  from changing batteries for the Acer laptop you must check first check the laptop and we are aware of the various aspects to consider when it comes to the replacement of batteries. These factors include kinds, models, designs, and laptop disassembly can affect the removal or replacement of batteries. Different Acer models come with various types of batteries. They include internal and external batteries.

It also includes the diagnosis of the battery to determine if it’s defective or requires a simple repair. If the battery displays problems such as overheating, draining of the battery, charging problems, and so on.

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