How to Skip Songs with AirPods on Android?

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Ever since Apple launched their Airpods, they have been changing the world in a storm.

It’s a miracle that the company behind these magic buds is still in business.

No, it hasn’t ever happened that you too wanted to buy AirPods but couldn’t because you don’t own an Apple IOS device, and spending more than a thousand dollars to buy an iPhone just for the sake of enjoying AirPods honestly

That’s right! These AirPods will work with your android smartphone or tablet, too, giving you the ability to make calls, listen to music and more. If you own an android device, the AirPods are a great addition.

What you need to know about skipping songs in the music app.

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Do AirPods work with android

The original Apple headphones were made to be used and paired with the original iPhone, but it’s not at all uncommon for people to use them with their iPads, too.

But Apple took a different approach with the AirPods and designed them to work with both iPhones and Android phones.

Apple’s new AirPods are a real deal. They’re truly great wireless earbuds with amazing features and functionality, and they’re so much better than the AirPods from two years ago.

They aren’t truly wireless sets of headphones.

It’s natural that you can connect all kinds of things with any Bluetooth device, and so, including Androids.

This is so, as pairing AirPods to Androids is not as easy as with iPhones.

At the same time, it’s not something that you’d say is challenging.

There are some extra tips and explanations that will help you do a successful job. Please look through the whole post carefully.

How to Skip Songs with Airpods on Android?

If you double-tap forward skip, then you’ll be able to skip to the next song, if you triple-tap back you’ll be able to skip to the previous song.

Of course, these days you can use these devices with any ios device.

In order to set your mobile device up to skip songs, first, you need to get your hands on any Apple device such as an iPhone, Apple Watch, or MacBook.

This is an odd condition for someone to want to use Apple AirPods with an Android phone.

If you’re not willing to invest some time, then it’s going to be hard to succeed, regardless of how much money you have.

How to Skip Songs with AirPods 3 on Android?

Apple’s Airpods 3rd generation or the Airpods Pro is the newest generation of the Apple AirPods.

They have tried to push all limits while developing this one.

So, by far the best pair of AirPods one can get.

You don’t need to upgrade to the new AirPods 3. Just like AirPods 2, it offers a good experience in listening to music, podcasts, movies and so much more.

The same button that activates Siri on the iPhone is also used to skip forward and backward in an Apple Watch Series 1 or newer, which is called Skip Songs.


The music-skipping feature on iOS is one of the best when it comes to AirPods. There are many ways to skip songs on Apple devices. With AirPods, you can use a double-tap to skip a song. This works on both iOS and macOS. The double-tap is a quick way to skip a song without having to take your hands off the headphones. This feature is also available on Android, but it works slightly differently. To skip a song on Android, you have to long-press the song. Then you will see a small menu appear with an option to skip the song. You can skip the song again by tapping the same spot.

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