How To Fix Lenovo Laptop Wont Turn On Issue?

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Your Lenovo Laptop Wont Turn On Issue and you dont know what is the problem? Don’t worry in this article I am gonna show you how to fix it. Typically Lenovo laptops work with no issues. However, occasionally, you’ll notice that when you press the power button, the laptop isn’t able to turn on.

Lenovo has a range of different laptop models and styles and each one may differ in terms of how to fix issues with laptops that aren’t functioning properly. If you do not solve the issue you can read this article also And help from loranocarter california.

The easiest fix for when the Lenovo laptop isn’t working is to disconnect the AC adapter and take out the battery from the laptop if you can. Now you will need to press the button of power for approximately 20 seconds. After holding the power button for 30 seconds now, plug in the power adapter and then boot the computer. Finally, reconnect the battery.

10 Steps to Resolve Lenovo Laptop Wont Turn On Issue

To provide a more comprehensive step-by-step procedure to resolve issues that result in your Lenovo laptop that isn’t being powered on, we’ll begin by examining the basics, then work toward more sophisticated techniques. Follow the 10-step process beginning by checking the AC adapter, battery, and also your charging port. After that, we proceed to inspect each component for damage.

Lenovo Laptop Does Not Turn On

Is the Lenovo laptop powered? This is the first thing to find out.

Your laptop’s power isn’t coming on however, is it receiving the power?

We’ll try to determine what’s wrong with the laptop or the display screen or the adapter for AC and battery.

I’ve separated the checks into steps that can be followed to get rid of power-on issues.

1) Lenovo Laptop doesn’t turn on status light Status Lights?

Verify that the indicator lights for power status are working.

  • Connect the A/C adapter to the computer and then look to see a “power status” light. It could be located in the lower right-hand corner of the display screen, or where you connect the adapter to the A/C.
  • Make sure your power source is functioning well and isn’t the source of the issue.
  • If you see an indicator for power status, make sure you power the laptop.
  • If you don’t get a status light, continue to the lower part.

2) Removing the AC Adapter and The Battery

If you don’t notice a status light disconnect the A/C adapter and disconnect the battery if it is external.

  • Hold your power button for around 30 seconds to dislodge all static.
  • Now, plug in the power adapter.
  • Hit the power button and check whether your laptop is powered on.

3) Is Lenovo Power on with Battery Only?

If your Lenovo laptop isn’t able to power on using only the A/C adapter, it’s time to test only the battery. We are trying to pinpoint the problem with these steps.

  • Unplug the adapter for the A/C.
  • Insert it again.
  • Hold the power button to see whether the laptop is powered on.

4) Use the Lenovo emergency reset button

Certain Lenovo laptops come with a CMOS reset function that is used for reset of the computer. Lenovo refers to this as the “Emergency Reset Hole’. The power source is cut off to the laptop system from either an external or internal battery to reset the laptop.

  • Flip the laptop over and check for a tiny gap on the base plate.
  • If the Lenovo laptop has this hole for reset and you want to use it, simply insert straight pins into it to push the reset button for emergency use.
  • Try turning the laptop Lenovo laptop.
  • Still, having problems? Go on with the following step.

5) Lenovo Display Screen Blank when Lenovo ThinkPad not turning on

Check to make sure the problem is not due to a defective display. Sometimes the laptop might start up but the screen is blank, making it appear like the laptop is not working.

  • Switch on the system, and watch for indications that it’s turned working.
  • Find the lights and listen to noises from fans.
  • If you notice that your laptop is powered but the display isn’t working, you’ll have to get it checked out.

If you don’t know how to turn on Lenovo laptop? Then press the power button for turning on the laptop.

6) When the Lenovo laptop not turning on then Press the NOVO Button 

Certain IdeaPad laptops feature the NOVO button, this special feature allows users for resetting the computer and then give an option to boot in the Recovery BIOS. The NOVO button is usually found near a power switch or located on the back that the laptop is. It is identified by an upside-down-looking curly arrow.

  • Its NOVO button looks like a tiny hole that has a reverse arrow that is shaped like upside-down U.
  • This lets you start this mode to enter Lenovo Recovery mode.
  • Within the NOVO menu, there’s an option to recover the system. Select it and then restart the laptop.

7) Lenovo A/C Adapter and Power Port Unsafe?

The A/C power adapter may be damaged or defective and that plug-in connector. Examine both.

  • Make sure to inspect the AC converter and the cable to determine apparent damage. Purchase an alternative if required.
  • Examine the laptop port that you plug in your adapter to check for signs of damage.
  • Sometimes the port is worn and isn’t a secure connection.
  • Has the laptop been checked for service if the port is damaged?
  • Do you need a new piece of computer equipment? Buy it from Amazon.

8) Battery issue of Lenovo laptop for Lenovo wont turn on

We took the battery out in the earlier steps to identify the issue with power. Let’s see whether the battery is in good condition.

  • A bad battery can lead to problems with power and stop the laptop from turning on.
  • Examine the battery for obvious signs of damage, and replace it when required.
  • Check out for yourself the Lenovo Batteries Reference Guide to find out more specifically for your Lenovo Notebook model.
  • A damaged battery, or one which isn’t charging or keeping a charge, must be replaced.

9) Is the Lenovo Power Button Flashing or blinking?

Normally, flashing signals that normally that your Lenovo laptop is currently in standby or sleep mode, and in that case, just hit any key to wake it.

  • However, in this scenario you press the power button, it will blink, however, the laptop doesn’t turn on. To fix this, follow this procedure:
  • Hold your power button for around 20 seconds to shut it off.
  • Make sure to press the emergency reset hole’ (shown in step 4) then power up the laptop.

If your laptop doesn’t include a reset button, you’ll need to take out the internal and external batteries and then hit the power button and hold it for about 20 seconds. Then, replace the batteries, and then turn off the laptop.

10) Remove all internal components of the Lenovo Laptop

If your Lenovo laptop isn’t working, you might want to open the laptop, removing and replacing RAM modules, the memory drive, and the internal battery. Then, put the entire system back together and attempt to turn on the laptop.

The Verdict:

Although laptops from Lenovo can be trusted, sometimes issues arise, such as the laptop won’t turn on. After trying these all things, the last option, you have left is to call Lenovo support. And tell you’re your problem. However, the troubleshooting techniques provided in this article can be able to resolve most laptop power on and laptop turning off problems. As previously mentioned, there are many laptop models, so it is not possible to apply every method to everyone.

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