Msi Vs Alienware: Which is the Best Gaming laptop?

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If you are someone who takes your computer games seriously, choosing your next PC is an investment of paramount significance. You must take into consideration the basic aspects of memory space on their hard drive graphics card, and processing speed. Also, you should take into consideration the finer details also such as design, brand laptop or desktop, and, of course, price. Every gamer has their own personal preferences.

Some people prefer making their gaming smooth and portable. Others prefer to play in their gaming room. There are those who would like to splash every dollar on a top-of-the-line PC and those looking to get the best amount of value for their money. Let’s take a look at the top rivals: Msi Vs Alienware.

Msi Vs Alienware – Review

If you’re trying to figure out which one is the best and which is better, most people will be of one mind that Alienware is the top model of gaming laptops. If you’re able to afford it buying an Alienware laptop is a good option – they claim they’re the most efficient gaming laptop.

Alienware is a range of desktop computers and laptops manufactured by Dell. They are considered to be among the biggest and most powerful gaming computers. The cheapest gaming device you can purchase from their collection currently is $650. It’s less powerful than many of the more expensive gaming computers However, the most expensive model, which costs nearly 8000 dollars, is a high-end desktop gaming computer.

There is a great deal of money to be made from e-gaming today and having a top-quality setup can be a big difference. Gaming laptops are competing to gain the endorsement of influential players who then play games on their laptops to show other people how efficient the laptop can be.

Alienware laptops are famous for their gaming capabilities, Alienware laptops were released in 2006 by Alienware from Dell, Alienware is an authentic brand of laptops in contrast to Alienware Alpha which has a huge Alien-themed though the two brands alien and Alien products have Alien within their brand name. They are well-known for their high-end build as well as their extensive cooling system and long battery lifespan.

Alienware is well-known for gaming because they boast amazing specs. There are a variety of versions of Alienware like the M17x/R3 the 17-inch laptop, M15x (15-inch laptop), (14-inch laptop) and lastly, M11( 11inch laptop )Laptop Predator the other products like Gaming desktops are only sold with Alienware brand X51 Desktop – Released in 2011, customers are easily able to buy GPUs, and then upgrade on their own.

MSI manufacture its own parts and constructs its own computers. It’s unlikely anyone has heard of them other than the gaming world since they do not sell traditional and ordinary computers. The entire company is focused and is specialized in gamers. They offer parts on their own in addition to monitors and other gaming equipment.

At just $850 for their lowest price monitor, MSI is slightly more expensive than Alienware and also their highest-priced computer can be found at $6000. MSI displays are renowned for being made with top quality, especially when you consider options that are higher than those in the middle of their range.

Different Variety

Both companies offer a wide range of desktops, laptop peripherals, hardware, and laptops to upgrade existing gaming setups.

Alienware lets users alter the amount of RAM and the storage they would like to have in their PC and also to select their processor. This is a major reason to select Alienware for people who are extremely particular about their specifications and have a specific goal in mind. Brand recognition is a major aspect of Alienware because its laptops can be identified immediately.

However, there are a variety of gaming laptops offered by MSI that is more extensive than the one offered by Alienware. MSI has an advantage because they’re less expensive among the two yet they provide a great gaming experience. There are plenty of combinations available with various capabilities and designs If you’re searching for a laptop, instead of a desktop, MSI could be an excellent place to begin.


As I’ve mentioned before, MSI gaming machines start at around $200 more than Dell’s Alienware range. The most well-known laptop brands typically require a higher price because you’re guaranteed to get the lowest CPU temperatures.

Both companies can do the world of professional gaming justice by offering high-end desktop and laptop computers that are designed to provide the highest performance. For $8000, Dell can get the most modern and cutting-edge technology packed into the most compact, quiet package. For a little amount, MSI will get you the sleekest and most powerful gaming laptop available.

For those who are new to the world of gaming, Alienware is a more known brand. They provide more cost-effective computers and laptops to pick from. For professionals, the decision is dependent on individual preferences and not just the cost. Both companies offer top-of-the-line technology, but for a very expensive price.


Alienware’s laptops are tough, sturdy appearance. The only indication of their modernity is the vibrant LEDs that light up the keyboard when you click. The LEDs can be changed they can be changed in the color or switched off. Desktop PCs can be a one-off. Some are too big and awkwardly shaped to fit in a home and are especially suitable for those who want to reduce space. Other models are slim, sleek, and ultra-contemporary.

MSI is similar in this class, but unfortunately. The laptops are bulky and the design isn’t constantly updated. But, the company produces stunning gaming desktops at a price less than the Alienware line retails for. The Trident series are particularly attractive in appearance, however, MSI makes no bad desktop machines, and every choice is a good one from a style perspective.

Hardware and Specifications

Although it’s hard to come up with a definitive decision on the question of whether Alienware is more suitable in terms of specs than MSI it is possible to draw some conclusions at the very least. Alienware is more focused on its desktop models as opposed to MSI and, therefore, it is likely that its most powerful model is one for desktop computers: it’s the Area 51 Alienware Threadripper edition. If purchased with the recommended specifications it has a custom processor that runs on 16 cores that can reach 4.4 GHz, top-of-the-line Dual graphics chips, 16GB dual-channel RAM, and 280Gb SSD hard drives.

MSI’s strengths are found in its laptops. They have a broad range of laptops to choose from and among the best of their lineup is their GT75 Laptop. Its design might be a bit dated however; the specs are a slam. It comes with the latest Intel i9 processor and GeForce graphic card that has the performance of a desktop, as well as a 4k display. MSI did not skimp on connectivity, audio quality, or hard drive storage for this laptop, either.

Other brands to consider

With no doubt, there are other brands available than the two mentioned above. A gaming laptop worth looking at would be a series of ASUS Rog Zephyrus.

It’s a great gaming machine with it comes with an Intel Core i7 processor (this is able to change into one with an Intel Core i9 processor if needed). If you’re in the market for an experience that is great in gaming, I’d suggest you take a look at this model.

It is also possible to check out The Best Laptops HP Has to Offer – although you might not get an ultra-powerful gaming laptop there, they have several budget-friendly options that you can pick from.


After we’ve identified the rivals Msi Vs Alienware Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of the two brands.



  • While Alienware laptops are extremely popular when you buy the top specs models and also make upgrades, they have a variety of less expensive alternatives, too.
  • When you reach the top versions of the Alienware laptop, that’s the time you can feel the distinction between this and the other brands that aren’t gaming out there. You can completely personalize your laptop, making it an ideal gaming machine.
  • There are many various Alienware laptops for you to pick from. This choice is very helpful in deciding which one you want to go with.


  • While some believe that Alienware laptops are stylish and attractive and while some people think, they’re generally considered a little ugly, even by laptop standards.
  • If you’re at the top of Alienware and you’re talking about some very expensive equipment. It’s more than 5k$(5,000) for a complete installation.
  • However, this shouldn’t matter that much, Alienware’s products are almost everywhere however some users prefer the more exclusive and select brands.



  • Even though they’re the smaller model of the two, however, they offer a wide selection of laptops available to pick from.
  • The entire MSI brand was created specifically for gaming. This is what some people believe means they’re more effective.
  • If we’re talking about more than laptops, the PCs MSI provides are among the best and make up some of the most powerful gaming machines available.


  • The brand is less well-known than Alienware and Alienware, which results in fewer components being compatible with laptops from their range.
  • Even at the lowest end of the scale, using MSI they’ll always be pricey. Therefore, there aren’t discounts that are really affordable to be found.
  • MSI is well-known for their old models being reused and changing them rather than creating new and creative ideas.

If you’re in search of a gaming laptop you’ll find plenty of options at MSI and their specifications are quite impressive. However, If you’re seeking to set up an entire gaming console on your desktop, Alienware has a bigger choice.

In the end, if we try to compare Msi Vs Alienware.  Then Alienware has allowed you to modify specs across their options, meaning you can tune to the specifications you need. If you are looking to upgrade your current computer, the choice you make will depend on what kind of hardware is being upgraded. Each vendor has its own strengths, with each one focusing on different categories of hardware. The decision is yours, but knowing what you’re looking for from your computer is the best way to start.

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