Why Are My AirPods Quiet on Android? [Solved]

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The AirPods are great. They’re definitely good for people with Android phones.

You’ve got to hand it to Apple. They didn’t just come up with a new type of earbud that solves the volume and connectivity problems of Bluetooth headphones, they also

But is this the fault of the AirPods?Or is this because of how Android handles Bluetooth audio?

If you’re reading this article, you probably already have a pair of AirPods or are about to get one.

In this article, I’ll discuss the implications of AirPods Quiet on Android devices.

Okay, let’s do this.

Does AirPods Sound Worse On Android?

It’s true.

AirPods are the worst kind of headphones. It does mean, however, that they are not generally good wireless headphones.

They don’t deliver poor-quality sound either, they just work better on iOS devices.

Apple AirPods are really cool, but they don’t work all the time.

The first thing we should understand about the AirPods is that they’re just like normal Bluetooth earbuds.

There are so many ways to listen to your music, whether you connect your iPhone to your car’s audio system, or use Bluetooth earbuds,

You can use Bluetooth headphones to listen to any kind of media content or streaming service.

You’ll get the same battery life as an iPhone user from the AirPods.

You can also customize the outer buttons on the Galaxy Note to skip a track, end a call, or make the phone vibrate.

These headphones are perfect for fitness and are designed for workouts, running, or for casual use in general.

With the free version, you get three song selections to listen to, a song that plays while you charge the Kindle, and songs that play randomly

With the latest generation AirPods Pro and Max, you can enjoy Spatial Audio without owning an Apple device.

These features aren’t available on any other Bluetooth earbuds in the market.

Apple’s AirPods are the best-selling earphones, according to a recent survey.

So what’s wrong with AirPods?

AirPods are a much better experience for iPhone and iPad users, and the experience is not convoluted at all.

Most people who’ve been using them for a long time have complained about how the sound is noticeably quieter on their Android device than they are on their

The AirPods Pro and the AirPods Max have several advanced features, including Transparency mode.

The new AirPods are wireless and have long battery life. You can’t turn the volume up or down or speak to Google Assistant.

Very short battery life makes AirPods an unfavorable partner for Android.

It may seem like AirPods don’t sound good when paired with Android, but they’re not the worst headphones you can get for Android.

They are among the best Bluetooth earbuds that you can buy.

If you don’t know why someone might have been a little rude, you’ll need to ask them to clarify.

How to Fix Volume Issues On AirPods?

If you’re using AirPods with your Android device, and you’re actually having issues with sound volume, there are a couple of ways you can fix that.

Your settings, not your headphones, may be causing the volume issues. You should try changing your settings to match those recommended in this guide.

Check EQ On Your Phone

A phone is an integrated tool.

Earphones can be used to change the sound quality so that it matches the other device’s capabilities.

Press the button behind the AirPods case till you see a flashing white light on it.

Turn on the Bluetooth function on your phone, connect your AirPods, and get ready for this amazing new way to communicate.

Once your AirPods are connected, you’ll notice the White light turns Green.

Do you want something to play with while you work? You can listen to a song or a podcast.

If you haven’t been able to solve the problem after trying all these methods, then you’ll need to go to Settings and select the Sound and Vibration option.

The best app for iPhone users is this one. It’s available on all iPhone models and it’s easy to use.

You’ll also find Sound Quality and Sound Effects options.

You should click on that. You’ll find the Equalizer option.

Bass Booster, Jazz, or Treble are great-sounding headphones. Choose one of these for the best-sounding music, and you’ll enjoy your listening experience.

You’ll instantly notice the difference in the quality of the sound.

Create your own equalizer option to maximize the sound output on your AirPods.

These equalizers are not loud enough, so you can download a third-party equalizer like Poweramp to further boost the sound quality of your smartphone.

Disable Absolute Volume

If you’ve got an Android device, there’s a feature that prevents your Bluetooth speakers or headphones from

That’s called absolute volume. You can disable it to get a much louder sound.

To disable the Absolute Volume feature from your Android settings, you must first enable the developer mode.

Go to Settings, then About Phone. Tap Developer Options. Now, tap Enable and select the Developer Mode.

Scroll down and look under Software Information. Find the model number and enter it into the search bar.

Tap on it 7 times. It will then ask if you want to download the app from the App Store.

Enable the Developer Options.

There’s an option in the Settings menu called Disable Absolute Volume.

Your phone is ready to go. Connect your AirPods to your phone, and your iPhone will restart.

You’ll hear the speaker much louder and clearer than usual.


If you buy an Android phone you don’t need to worry about the audio quality so much, since Android phones don’t prioritize audio quality as much as Apple devices.

If you’re an Android user, and you don’t care about audio quality, then it’s best to get some different earbuds that have Android-friendly codecs.

While there’s nothing wrong with AirPods, or android phones. They are quite different from each other.

To use AirPods with an Android device, do your research to see what you’re getting into. You might end up regretting it.

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