How To Make Your Screen Brighter Than Max

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Do you want your laptop Screen Brighter Than Max? I am gonna tell how to do it! In the present day, screens can alter the intensity of the screen automatically, dimming in an environment that is darker and shining brighter to penetrate the darkness of an area with more illumination. But what if that’s not enough? Do you have the ability to increase the brightness of your screen to the maximum brightness on the Windows 10 PC?

There’s a chance that you’re dealing the display is automatically adjusting incorrectly It’s not always working as it was intended to. Maybe you’re facing images or videos that are still dark even at the max brightness. Here you can find several ways to find How to Make Your Screen Brighter Than Max. There are several ways to increase the brightness of your screen beyond the maximum.

Can You Make Your Laptop Screen Brighter Than Max?

Each display comes with its maximum brightness, and even though your default settings for brightness won’t allow you to exceed this, some additional settings or apps let you alter the brightness of your display in order to make it appear bright. Therefore, there’s no way you could make your computer’s display brighter than its maximum brightness but you can boost it to a higher brightness than the brightness you’re used to by using different settings.

Adjusting Brightness of Display in Windows 10 Laptop

In laptops, the monitor is integrated into a single machine. The only thing missing is the capability to control the brightness of the display similar to an individual monitor. The solution? Set those Brightness keys on the keyboard. Problem solved.

These keys are usually located either above, below, or beneath the Function keys, e.g., F1, F2, and up to F12. You should look for an icon that resembles an image of a sun. These are typically referred to by the letters F1 as well as F2. To dim your screen, press F1. To brighten your screen, press F2. Check that your screen’s brightness is set to maximum or adjusted according to your needs.

Adjusting Brightness of Display

For desktops, the brightness buttons are located on your screen. There’s a separate menu you can access by using the buttons that are located at the bottom of your screen, or on the sides.

Once the menu is open it is possible to make use of the buttons once more to navigate to the brightness. Adjust the brightness according to how you like.

Enhancing Laptop Brightness above The Maximum

If you’re looking to go beyond the maximum brightness for your screen, take a look at your laptop’s Color Calibration Wizard. This program will give you the capability to adjust the brightness and color of your screen. If you’ve got Windows 10 – laptop or desktop, you are able to use this option. It is not required to install.

  1. Start by opening the Windows Start menu. You can click on the Windows logo at the lower right corner, along the taskbar, or hit your Windows key.
  2. In your Windows Start menu, open your Settings. The gear icon is in the lower-left corner of the menu.
  3. In the Settings of your PC Select System.
  4. Step1On the left you can click the Display button on the left-hand side. Scroll down to the Display page until you come across a link to Advanced Display Settings. It’s located under “Multiple Displays.”
  5. step2Then, click on the link to view Display adapter settings for Display 1. This will display a pop-up.
  6. Step3On the top of the pop-up window select the Color Management tab. After that, click Color Management. A second pop-up window will open.
  7. Then, click the Advanced tab in the upper right. Go towards the very bottom of the screen. Below “Display Calibration,” click Calibrate Display.
  8. Change your screen’s settings as you’d like.

Enable Automatic Brightness

Automatic brightness is fantastic to conserve battery power, and to ease tension in your eyes, however, it’s not always exactly as it should. It is possible to turn it off until you have a better understanding.

  1. Start by opening the Windows Start menu. You can click on the Windows logo at the lower left-hand corner. It will appear along the taskbar, or by clicking your Windows key.
  2. Launch Control Panel.
  3. Click on the Hardware and Sound tabs.
  4. Under Sound and Hardware Under Sound and Hardware, select Power Options.
  5. Then, next to your performance plan Click Change Plan Settings.
  6. Slide the slider to adjust the Brightness of the Plan to suit your needs.


Third-Party Applications

There are a handful of Microsoft applications that will enable you to enhance the brightness of your Windows 10 screen brighter than normal. The most popular ones are flux as well as Win10 Brightness Slider as well as Care Eyes and Dimmer.

They come with a slider/controller function that allows you to alter the brightness of your display. To make it easier, it can be added to the tray for quick access.


There are many scenarios where you’ll need to increase the brightness on your laptop’s screen to ensure that it is visible. If it’s sunny outside or the bright light in your home it is important to ensure that you’re using an adequate display is crucial. We have given a detailed guide to making your laptop’s screen brighter than the maximum brightness up above.

Through this guide, you will discover several ways to make the brightness of your laptop’s screen higher than maximum to make sure that at the very least one of them is working for you. If you’ve gone through all the details about how to make your laptop’s screen brighter than max be sure to post your comments in the comment section. Also, you can leave any questions in the comments section in case you have any!

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