Toshiba nb505 n508bl Review

Last Updated on May 29, 2023 by Ali Raza

The Toshiba nb505-n508bl is an excellent overall laptop that for its price does what most people will need. It’s been on the best sellers list on Amazon for a reason and has some outstanding features. It’s portable and light if you’re looking for a good laptop that travels for under $300 have a look at this one.

It has over 8 hours of battery life and a right-size hard drive of 250GB. Comes with Windows 7, wireless connectivity, and some other excellent features. I have a Toshiba myself and love them, I’m getting close to getting a new one, and I’m thinking about getting this for my travel laptop. I couldn’t find too many negatives with this one.

Toshiba NB505-N508BL Features

  • Light and Portable
  • Fast Processor
  • 250 GB hard drive
  • Windows 7
  • Good Battery Life (8hrs)
  • Integrated WebCam
Toshiba NB505 N508BL Features


  • Handles Basic Functions Well
  • Great For Casual Users
  • Fast, Small, Portable and Reliable
Toshiba NB505 N508BL


  • Not for Techies or Gamers
  • Smaller Screen

Overall Review of the Toshiba NB505-N508BL

It’s a perfect, compact laptop. If you’re using it for work or school or just looking for a nice computer on a budget, you will like this. If you are a gamer or someone is looking for a bigger screen, this might not be for you. It comes with a smaller 10-inch screen but that works fine for a lot of people. It’s great to carry around and less bulky than bigger devices. Even though it’s smaller, it still packs a good punch, it has a very nice processor, and the speed is perfect when word processing, email, etc. So if you’re looking for something that can perform nicely on a budget, have a look at this laptop, hard to go wrong with Toshiba.

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